big collar blouse

big collar blouse
In addition to the cape design series that has been well-received each season, here is a blouse with a large collar for a classic look.

The main body is made of cotton linen and viscose with a soft, vintage feel for a relaxed fit.
The collar is made of a high-density cotton and linen twill material with a slight bounce, creating a beautiful collar line.

The chest opening is fastened with a series of walnut buttons to help with innerwear concerns. The neck features tabs and drop-like shell buttons.

The sleeves are just the right balance of not too thin and not too thick, and are balanced a little lightly with pintucks and geometric pattern torsion lace watermarked from the elbow down.
The overall result is a dainty blouse with a gentle A-line.

High-density: The fabric is dense, so you don't have to worry about transparency.
Twill: Soft to the touch and shiny.
Viscose: A type of recycled rayon fiber.

Torchon lace made in Japan.

made in japan.
length 57.5cm
bust 101cm


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  • ■Cutting of fabric
    The fabric is cut according to the pattern.
    The fabric tends to slip and slide when force is applied from above, so it is cut slowly and accurately one piece at a time.
    In order to reduce the loss of fabric as much as possible, we make adjustments to eliminate the gap between the pattern and the paper.
    *It takes about one hour to cut one sheet.
  • ■Sewing of cut fabric
    Sewing is done for each part such as the body, sleeves, and collar.
    The sleeves also have lace watermarks, so this is a time-consuming process.
    After sewing the lace, a zigzag sewing machine is used. Then, cut the fabric of the part you want to watermark. (Carefully and carefully so as not to cut the lace together!)
    *It takes about 9 hours and 30 minutes before everything is sewn.
  • ■Fitting of Kurumi Buttons
    Each button is carefully attached one by one by hand.
    At our company, after sewing clothes at the factory, buttons and other parts are sewn on by in-house sewing workers.
    By carefully sewing on the buttons one by one, the delicate parts do not come off by a slight accident and can be used for a long period of time.